Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Flower Sampler

I started working on block 7 of my flower (no-longer) mystery sampler tonight. Took a while to get into it, so wasn't able to finish it, but should be good to finish tomorrow. I'm really enjoying these patterns - once you get the hang of each repeat they go quickly. I don't think I would pick the same colours if I did it again - I picked at first to try and stay with flower colours, only to realize after seeing the patterns that it really doesn't matter. I think it would look nice in a monochrome blue scheme - maybe another time.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling stitchy, so made this card for my cousins instead. I still have a bunch of thank-yous to send so more card pictures to come.

And I think I have another project for the year to do (like I needed one). Isabelle pointed out a year-long SAL which I think I'll have to join. If I get my block done tomorrow I'll start pulling thread - I think I might have fabric for this on hand already.

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