Monday, October 30, 2006

Weekend update

Not a terrible amount of stitching accomplished this weekend, but I was busy with various crafty projects. I finished my SIL's scrapbook, so that will be in the mail tomorrow.

I also made curtains for my new craft room, which is now almost all set up. Here's what it looks like now, only a few more boxes of stuff to sort and put away. Not a huge accomplishment in itself, but being that I have a tendency to buy fabric to make things but never get them done, I'm quite impressed that these got made and hung in a weekend. Now only 3 more sets to make!

I also framed Tew Cottage, I think I even got it aligned and centered properly.

And worked a bit on the Lighthouses this evening, but put it away when I got an attack of the frogs. The structure for this was is essentially done, just a few details like railings to add. I'd started the water but that's were I kept miscounting, so it will wait til later. Then I'll move on to the 2nd lighthouse before doing the backstitching and text. Not sure what I'll work on this week, but think I'll put this away for a few days.

Blogger wouldn't let me post last night again, so take 2. And I have no idea why the colours in my pictures are so weird. Obviously not really like that!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I'm back on my rotation, at least for a while (RR to come a bit late this month). So working on my Lighthouse pattern. This was supposed to be a b-day present for my MIL two years ago, we'll see if I can get it done for Christmas. I'm kind of wishing I'd done it on a blue fabric instead of the white, but I'm not about to frog it now.

I'm working on a scrapbook project though as well to send to my SIL serving overseas, so for the moment that will take priority.

Edited to respond to singular stitches- my last class is very helpfully called "Seminar in Management". So I'm not quite sure what it entails. This is through the UoP online program.

Monday, October 23, 2006

October SAT finished

I was so close to finishing TC last night. I needed 20 minutes this afternoon, but I'm finally all done! This kit is so old is was the version that came with the frame, so that will be my project for tomorrow.

I think I'm going to pick up my lighthouses while I'm on a roll. Definitely a different style, much cleaner lines and no confetti stitching - will be a nice change.

And more good news on the finishing front - I just handed in my last project for my 14th MBA class. One more to go and all done. Will definitely be a great Christmas present for me.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

SAT Part 2

So far, so good. I've managed to finish all the cross and half-stitches in Tew Cottage, which was the plan for today. I'd planned to backstitch tomorrow but I might be able to get a head start on it later tonight.

I told myself I could order the fabric for my next start when this was finished - got my cart all loaded up ready to click "buy" when this is done.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Crazy Cat Lady Exchange

In September we had the Crazy Cat Lady Exchange on the Robin's Nest Board. I stitched this design for Cari. It is from a Good-natured Girls leaflet I had, and I finished it into a photo album cover (was a lot tougher than I thought to get the dimensions right). I didn't take a picture of all the entire exchange though, oops.

I also recieved this lovely pillow from Nicki last week. Thanks so much - the kitty is so cute and the stitching is beautiful. She also included some fabric and overdyed floss - turns out the colours are perfect for fall. Was wonderful to get such a nice package from so far away.

October SAT

Really been a long time. Have really not been motivated to stitch for a while now. And everytime I wanted to update the little I had been stitching, seems like I couldn't get photos to load. So got as frustrated with blogging as I was with stitching. But I'm feeling good about stitching again, I think. I sent my RR out on Sunday, which was my last stitching commitment. As the next one hasn't arrived yet, I actually have time to stitch for me, which I don't think has happened since May. So this may be why I'm happier. Not that I don't like stitching for others, but I may have been a little ambitious considering my limited time. And of course, now that I have no pressure to stitch, I'm stitching faster, better, and more often! So I'll definitely be taking a break from commitment stitching for a while (other than the RR to finish of course).

I picked up Tew Cottage again on Sunday as soon as the RR was packed. I hadn't worked on this since April. First picture is where I was before Sunday, next is last night. This was the first project I ever bought (in 1997). It is now so close to being finished that I've decided to try and finish it up this weekend on the Robin's Nest SAT. I know I can definitely get the cross and half-stitches done, but I'll try for the backstitching too. Would be so nice to get this finished up; having a UFO that old was making me feel bad. And if I finish something, I get to start something new - a great motivation since I've been bad and buying stash lately. We'll see how I do, updates to come.