Friday, October 20, 2006

October SAT

Really been a long time. Have really not been motivated to stitch for a while now. And everytime I wanted to update the little I had been stitching, seems like I couldn't get photos to load. So got as frustrated with blogging as I was with stitching. But I'm feeling good about stitching again, I think. I sent my RR out on Sunday, which was my last stitching commitment. As the next one hasn't arrived yet, I actually have time to stitch for me, which I don't think has happened since May. So this may be why I'm happier. Not that I don't like stitching for others, but I may have been a little ambitious considering my limited time. And of course, now that I have no pressure to stitch, I'm stitching faster, better, and more often! So I'll definitely be taking a break from commitment stitching for a while (other than the RR to finish of course).

I picked up Tew Cottage again on Sunday as soon as the RR was packed. I hadn't worked on this since April. First picture is where I was before Sunday, next is last night. This was the first project I ever bought (in 1997). It is now so close to being finished that I've decided to try and finish it up this weekend on the Robin's Nest SAT. I know I can definitely get the cross and half-stitches done, but I'll try for the backstitching too. Would be so nice to get this finished up; having a UFO that old was making me feel bad. And if I finish something, I get to start something new - a great motivation since I've been bad and buying stash lately. We'll see how I do, updates to come.

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