Saturday, March 24, 2007


So this is why I haven't been posting lately - Brigitte was born on March 11. We are both doing well, but I imagine it will be a while before there is much stitching to report!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Update and SBQ

The lack of updates doesn't mean I haven't been stitching - just means I've been too lazy to download and post my pictures.

Here is my Christmas Chickadee - didn't manage to get the finishing done though.

Since that finish, I've been working on the March house for the country house SAL, finally finishing it up today. I'd miscounted the border and had to redo part, which took a bit longer than expected. I'm not sure if I'll catch up with January and February in March though. I'll work on A New Baby for a while then, and will try to get a picture in before I'm off to the hospital.

This week's SBQ is:
Do you use your needle, a seam ripper, or something else when you have to frog stitches? Why do you use the method that you do?

It depends on how many I have to frog. If its just a few, I'll use my needle. If there are a lot, but the back is clear, I'll use my little beaded frogging tool (see pic). If there is a lot, or there are a few colours making the frogging more tangly, I'll use my boo-boo snips (see pic) to get me started. I've never tried a seam ripper.

Friday, March 02, 2007

February Wrap-Up

I did a decent amount of stitching in February I think - it just didn't turn out to be what I had planned at the beginning of the month. So only 3 out of 6 objectives met.

Finish Baby Sampler - no, about 1/3 done
10 rows on Cranberry Sampler - didn't touch it
4 blocks on Weather Sampler - DONE!
Finish flower sampler - DONE!
10+ hours on Irises UFO -4 hours done
Finish one small project - DONE! (Bee pin-keep)

I also stitched a bit on a few smaller projects, but nothing really big.

Since I have no idea what the baby is going to do this month, I will be fairly conservative with my goals. Namely - stitch on baby sampler. It would have been nice to have it mostly done before he/she arrives, but that is unlikely at this point I think, given my motivation level.

I'm almost done my Christmas ornament - hope to post a pic soon and see if I can get the finishing done this weekend on the FAL.

Chelle - thanks for the comments! The weather sampler is from atelier imaginaire. It was published one block per week all last year, but I only got motivated at the end. I think the freebies were taken down at the end of January, but they may get put up for sale at some point. There is a new series offered this year, but so far I'm not inspired. The backstitching does get a little long sometimes - have to make sure I match this piece with some of my others that have less.