Saturday, April 29, 2006

Been a while..

since I've been on. Thanks for the concern, Tracy - all is well, just a lack of motivation. My rotation and my monthly plans are really shot. Been picking up random projects, putting 10 stitches in them, then putting them down again. Even tried to start a new project (the Kissy-Cross mystery sampler as mentioned by Susimac, but not helping. I stitched a little bit on Irises while I was in Ottawa, but not even worth posting a picture. Might be that I finished all my projects that were close to the end, so no real finishes in sight. Oh well, not going to stress over this, its supposed to be fun.

I have, however, accumulated a lot of stash in the last 3 weeks! Maybe this is the problem - too much stuff, will never get to stitch it all. Bought some little Just Nan projects and some Carolyn's designs kits. I'll probably stitch the flower kits as cards, then maybe stitch a bunch together as a quilt.

So, to sum up, lots of planning and buying, not much stitching. Have a lot of work to do around the house this spring, so not sure how much that will change. Still, will try to make some time work a bit and justify my spending.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

A lovely blob of white... what I stitched today.

This is the start of the Bluenose. The kit came with white fabric, but I'm very glad I changed to blue. There are four shades of white in the sails, which is most of the pattern. Adding a white background would be a bit much I think.

I also finished stitching the Easter card for my MIL, will try to assemble and mail it tomorrow.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I need to stop

...buying things! I went into my LNS today for 2 skeins of DMC. They have very few cross-stitch patterns, but looking through the rack I found TW's Tapestry Cat, so had to buy it. And of course, on the back of the leaflet, they advertise some more leaflets. The two I liked the best (Floral Bellpull and Treetop Sampler) were of course out of print. So I went on ebay and managed to find them for fairly good prices I think, so click. And one of the sellers also had Floral & Lace Bookmarkers, so had to get this too. Even sillier is that I've never stitched a TW before, so don't even know if I'll like them as much as the pictures. I have no willpower. At least I limited myself to the patterns, not the kits.

My mom sent me stash today too. I now have the Sledrunner kit (Bluenose) that I'm making for Brigitte. I'll try to start that sometime this week.

On a different note, my two-card exchange is all ready, F will mail it tomorrow for me.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


Forgot to post yesterday's progress on Tew Cottage.

This was a good night's stitching for me. The house is all done now, garden, trees and backstitching to go. I might get a few hours tomorrow, but will likely have to wait until next month.

Today I finished stitching up my two cards for the EMS exchange. I finished the first last weekend, but the second was frustrating me a bit. I like the pattern I chose, but it may have been a bit much for a card. I'll try it again in another time. I chose another pattern today and got the card stitched up. But most importantly, it was fun rather than a chore, which I guess is the point. :)