Monday, April 03, 2006

I need to stop

...buying things! I went into my LNS today for 2 skeins of DMC. They have very few cross-stitch patterns, but looking through the rack I found TW's Tapestry Cat, so had to buy it. And of course, on the back of the leaflet, they advertise some more leaflets. The two I liked the best (Floral Bellpull and Treetop Sampler) were of course out of print. So I went on ebay and managed to find them for fairly good prices I think, so click. And one of the sellers also had Floral & Lace Bookmarkers, so had to get this too. Even sillier is that I've never stitched a TW before, so don't even know if I'll like them as much as the pictures. I have no willpower. At least I limited myself to the patterns, not the kits.

My mom sent me stash today too. I now have the Sledrunner kit (Bluenose) that I'm making for Brigitte. I'll try to start that sometime this week.

On a different note, my two-card exchange is all ready, F will mail it tomorrow for me.

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