Friday, March 02, 2007

February Wrap-Up

I did a decent amount of stitching in February I think - it just didn't turn out to be what I had planned at the beginning of the month. So only 3 out of 6 objectives met.

Finish Baby Sampler - no, about 1/3 done
10 rows on Cranberry Sampler - didn't touch it
4 blocks on Weather Sampler - DONE!
Finish flower sampler - DONE!
10+ hours on Irises UFO -4 hours done
Finish one small project - DONE! (Bee pin-keep)

I also stitched a bit on a few smaller projects, but nothing really big.

Since I have no idea what the baby is going to do this month, I will be fairly conservative with my goals. Namely - stitch on baby sampler. It would have been nice to have it mostly done before he/she arrives, but that is unlikely at this point I think, given my motivation level.

I'm almost done my Christmas ornament - hope to post a pic soon and see if I can get the finishing done this weekend on the FAL.

Chelle - thanks for the comments! The weather sampler is from atelier imaginaire. It was published one block per week all last year, but I only got motivated at the end. I think the freebies were taken down at the end of January, but they may get put up for sale at some point. There is a new series offered this year, but so far I'm not inspired. The backstitching does get a little long sometimes - have to make sure I match this piece with some of my others that have less.

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