Monday, January 01, 2007

First Finish of 2007

I thought that I might finish it last year, but needed a few hours this morning to get the beads on. Not only did I like the pattern, but it included some specialty stitches and beading, which I hadn't done before. As I have a bunch of patterns in my stash that require that, it was nice to get some practice in on a smaller piece so as not to get too frustrated later.

Just Nan: Beaded Rose
Dec 28 2006 - Jan 1 2007
28 ct Smokey Pearl Linen with DMC

When I finished this, I looked through my WIP drawer to see what was calling me. I managed to find my fabric for my flower sampler (Kissy Cross) so stitched block 4 on that. Here is the block and what the piece looks like all together.
I also put a few stitches into the border of a card I found while looking for something else, but as its solid yellow stiching the picture is pretty boring so far. I'd forgotten about that start, but as its been less than a year, its no yet on my UFO list, still a WIP. But I'll try to finish it anyways.

I downloaded my copy of the Gift of Stitching today, and was very tempted by the Bee Pinkeep. But I think I'm going to work a bit on my Regatta piece before I start that one. To try and meet my UFO goals, I decided to try and stitch at least 10 hours on a UFO this month, and so far that one is screaming the loudest so I'll try to work on it before.

I haven't stitched this much in a day in a long time - my arm is tired so off to bed!

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