Thursday, February 02, 2006


Suzy is starting to come along.

I had a brief scare the other day, as trying to find the blue thread to finish up her dress, I realized that I had lost Hank 2. And of course this is one of those kits which doesn't provide colour numbers . Still, after taking apart my entire basket, I managed to find the hank mixed up with another kit. I hope to get at least Suzy's head done this weekend before finishing up the rotation. That would leave the watering can and the backstitching for next month.

Bought a bunch of new threads today, so I now have all my materials for my next few starts, just need to get them sorted out. And decide which one to start of course :)

This is some of my handiwork from the weekend. I made a bunch of FIMO flowers and then assembled them into cards for my s-i-l's. Still have one left to give away, but it might go to the charity organization that collects them in exchange for hosting our crop sessions.

And in other news, now more than half done my 9th course. Only 5.5 to go. Knowing that I should be done by Christmas is what's keeping me motivated right now. I'm so far behind the class just isn't fun, although on subject matter (Operations Management) alone it should be one of the best. Still, the next one is Project Managment, so maybe after the break I'll be in better shape to make a go of it.