Sunday, February 19, 2006


Finished my first (of two) sachet bags, even the sewing. I think I sewed the ribbon on a bit high, but as the letter was probably a bit taller than it should have been for the size of the bag, guess I didn't really have much choice. Still, I think it will be okay once it's full.

Tried to start my next project in the rotation, which is a tapestry pincuishion with a thistle. However, found all the materials, but suddenly can't find the pattern. :( I'll take another look tomorrow, but otherwise will but it aside in favour of another UFO (at least there are lots of those around!)

This makes two finishes for the year, so when I get back to this point in my rotation, I'll be allowed to start a new project rather than picking up a new UFO. I think I'll do the match to the J, the E, so at least I can get those sent off sometime soon.

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