Sunday, February 26, 2006

A productive week

Wow, this was really a productive week for stitching, among other things. I was on my own all weekend, as F was away reffing, and was on break from my courses. So took the opportunity to really get some work done on Tew Cottage.

I figure that with this the house is about two-thirds done. I then need to do the trees in the background and side of the house as well as the gate and the hedge in the front. Plus a lot of backstitching, of course. Although it went really well this week, it will probably take me at least another four weeks to finish this. I will likely be in the middle of a course the next time this comes around in the rotation, so won't have as much time to work on it.

I also managed to write finish off my thank you cards this afternoon, just missing a few addresses. Now time to get on F's case for him to finish up his! Also managed to clean up my craft room - it was really a mess. At Thursday's crop I worked on a wedding gift scrapbook. I hadn't been doing it at home, partly because I had no time and partly because I had to room. Now that my room is organized, I should be able to work at home and hopefully get it done soon.
Managed to find the missing threads for Suzy in the cleanup, but still no luck with the pattern for my pincushion. So irritating as I recently saw it too! I'll take another look tomorrow as I finish cleaning, but otherwise will skip straight to Suzy.

It's only been four weeks, but so far I'm loving the rotation I have set up. A week seems to be a good length for me. No counting hours, just switch every Monday. I don't get to stitch every day, so this seems better for me than having a project per day of the week. Plus, at the end of the week, I don't want to put my WIP down, as I'm usually starting to see a lot of progress. So lots of fun to look forward to. Considering these are all UFOs of variable age (especially Tew Cottage) actually looking forward to stitching on them is quite the achievement for me!

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