Tuesday, February 28, 2006

March goals

I hadn't set specific goals for February, but did make some good progress on my year-long goals.

  • Finish all UFOs.

Managed to advance three of them and finish one.

  • Complete 12 Broderie Creative kits

Finished one in January, but as I lost the kit in progress, didn't get anywhere on this in February.

  • Make presents for mom, dad, m-i-l, cousin

Not yet, need to finish a few UFOs before I get anything else started.

  • Start wedding sampler

Not even close

  • Organize my stash

Not done, but made a good start. Found a end table with drawers to keep my current projects in. Current projects are organized and kitted in there, stash stored separately. Managed to sort out some of my floss too, although lots left to do. I had a lot of colours I didn't know about, so I think I probably have too many doubles somewhere.

  • Develop a rotation to help me stitch more regularly, and get something finished.

Done. Made an index card system to keep track of where I am and the projects I want to do, to keep some sort of balance on my stitching. So far seems to help me not abandon projects and helps me record the ones I want to do so I don't drop everything and start them.

So all in all, not a bad month. Managed to finish my Operations Management course too. March will be busy too, as Project Management starts too, but should have more time to stitch now that the Olympics are done. Specific things I want to do in March include:

  • Finish Suzy
  • Start flower heads in Irises
  • Start Garden Alphabet "E"
  • Find my pincushion pattern
  • Work on Tew Cottage
  • Continue to organize floss.

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