Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chugging along

Making good progress on the office clean up for the challenge. Although if you were to go in there right now you really couldn't tell.
I am almost done the first pass of the purge. What you see on the bed is what is left to do (actually less now). I have been sorting each box, discarding what I can. For items that have a home and I don't have volume problem, most of them are put away. Otherwise they are in bins, piles, waiting further sorting. Second picture is the give-away pile, much better than I though it would be, with more to come.

Unfortunately, this makes the room look messy. I have bins and piles all over. The tabletop is all my cross-stitch stuff. I'm waiting to get to the end of the sort to deal with that to make sure I have it all together. Also, there is way too much there (and there is a bunch already gone). When I see how much room I reasonably have for this I will have to continue the sort and purge before putting it away. Also bins for office supplies, papers to file, and things that live in another room. And of course, the homeless items, hoping to delegate that box to my husband!
So it looks messy, but is actually much more organized than it was.

Last pic is the closet, which makes me happy. All organized, although still need some labels. There will be some more craft supplies going in, but what is there is pretty good. There are a lot of projects in progress, made a list before putting them away, which I hope to address later this year.

Left to do in my plan:
  • finish first pass purge
  • sort paperwork
  • set limits, sort, purge: magazines, office supplies, cross-stitch, inspirational/organizational material
  • set up computers properly
  • deal with homeless items
  • deal with out-the-door pile (sort for charity, etc.)
  • decorate
  • maintenance plan
Already have about 15 bags/boxes for out-the-door of the 29 I wanted to this month. I feel lighter already! And surprisingly, I'm actually getting the organizing high. I was disappointed not to get my purge completely finished today, wanted to keep going but ran out of time. Definitely a new experience.

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Carrie said...

I love your closet picture! I get it - I was playing even just a simple computer game the other day and had organized some stuff, putting like with like...and I was so HAPPY everytime I saw it, LOL! I understand that happy feeling of looking at something organized and feeling so. much. better. Keep it up! :)