Sunday, December 03, 2006

November Wrap-Up

I had a pretty low-key plan for November, but I did manage to finish it! Objectives were
  • Finish zebra for my mom

stitched, needs finishing

  • Make Christmas ornament for SIL in time to send overseas

finished and sent with lots of time (I hope)

  • Stitch next RR square if it gets here in time (we're running a bit behind schedule)

Never made it here, not sure what's going on with this RR anymore, but I can't say I particularly care at this point.

I also worked on Lighthouses, and made two new starts, le Temps qu'il fait sampler and the Christmas Chickadee.

In December, I'd like to:

  • Stitch and finish Chickadee
  • Find a way to finish zebra for my mom (box top maybe)

If I get a chance, there's one other gift I'd like to make, and the Rosewood Manor Christmas ornament from the latest Gift of Stitching is very interesting. We'll see how that goes, lots of other crafts to do too. But this was last weekend (I hope) of course work, so maybe next weekend I'll get some stitching in.

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