Thursday, November 02, 2006

October Wrap-Up

I didn't have much planned for October, so wasn't disappointed. During the month I:
  • stitched an RR square
  • finished Tew Cottage
  • organized my stash
  • worked on my Lighthouse WIP.

I'll try to keep my expectations moderate for November; I don't want to get overwhelmed now that I'm just getting going again. Plus with my last class on the way and the holidays to prepare for, better to be safe. So lets aim for:

  • Finish zebra for my mom
  • Make Christmas ornament for SIL in time to send overseas
  • Stitch next RR square if it gets here in time (we're running a bit behind schedule)

I had nice mail today! I found a good deal on the Valerie Pfieffer Chick Chats on ebay, so ordered all four. I was especially glad to find them as chart only -they seem to have a lot of fractionals and squashed stitches so I don't think they'd be particularly easy on Aida. I won't be stitching them right away, but nice to take them out and look at them and plan.

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