Wednesday, November 08, 2006


It's been a busy day. I was home again today and managed to get a lot of stitching done. First up, finished my zebra. This is another one of my UFOs that I wanted to get out of the way. I don't even like it anymore, but having so many UFOs around was just dragging me down and making me feel bad about the fun stuff. So trying gradually to get them out of the way, especially the ones I have no interest for. I could just throw them out, but with my habit of buying/starting everything that catches my eye, I think it would be a slippery slope to start on. Of course, some of them are so old I may have lost the patterns and stuff, so we'll see. But I feel better, 1 more down.
Once I got that done, I started and finished a Christmas ornament for my SIL. Obviously a very quick stitch, but lots of fun nonetheless.

Next on the list is to revive my Kissy Cross mystery sampler. At least I hope, right now I can't find my fabric - oops!

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