Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What we've been up to

Is this.

Unfortunately, we are not carpenters, so this took most of the weekend. Next weekend we'll get on the joists, and hopefully a few planks too. I want to set up my patio table!

So no stitching progress for me, despite my week off. Well, not true. I did stitch up kerstie's card for the birthday exchange, but no pictures yet. I'm also working on my RR square, which has to get sent out next week. It's going fairly well, but still lots left to do.

I have some more pictures to update when I get a minute. My mom sent me some stash from my birthday, plus I got some nice cards from the exchange. I also bought some stuff on ebay, :( . My class (Strategy Management) started this week though, so it will be a bit tight. I've really oveextended myself this spring - not a good plan. Too many craft committments along with house renovations and homework and lots of work work makes me a bit stressed. One day at a time I guess.

Thanks for the comments meg - I think it is a Cross My Heart design. I bought it in Labrador in 1997, though, so not sure about the source.

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IaGal said...

We need our porch replaced sometime in the near future. So, can we book you now for help or do you want me to just let me know when we're ready for you? *grin* Just kidding, lookin good!