Monday, June 19, 2006

Card exchange

I've been stitching on my last card for the EMS birthday exchangee, going to Rina in south Africa in July. Just need to do the finishing now, but obviously no pictures for a while. But Joybelle and Kerstie have recieved theirs, so here they are.

And also wanted to update some of my previous promises - here is the stash my mom sent me for my birthday. I am getting close to having all the DMC colours, just need to update my list to figure out what I need. And I did manage to get most of these organized into the floss minders, at least until I ran out of bags. So about half way to my organizational goal for the year. I ordered more, and they should be here in early July along with another big order. I'm going to need to get on the wagon one of these days - this is crazy.


Joy said...

Your cards are beautiful! I really like the little bear. :) Do you just cut the aida after you stitch so it doesn't unravel?

Stitch or no stitch said...

Such pretty cards! Lovely gift from mom, all those new DMC colors for your collection. Bet you can't wait to start using them.


Anonymous said...

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