Friday, March 31, 2006

March Update

March was a pretty good month for my stitching. The things I wanted to do were:
  • Finish Suzy

Yup, just need to find a hanger for the frame.

  • Start flower heads in Irises

Yes. Started, but not much more.

  • Start Garden Alphabet "E"

And finished!

  • Find my pincushion pattern

Can't win them all. But I did find the squirrel which I'd put in the same rotation spot (and will work on next time).

  • Work on Tew Cottage

Doing really well. Just finished all of the cottage itself. Will try to do a bit more tonight on the garden and will post a picture tomorrow.

  • Continue to organize floss.

Not bad. Didn't finish, but got all of the numbered bags on their rings.

I also managed to stitch a few cards for family and exchanges. I have 3 UFOs from January finished, only 8 more to go before I meet my goal for the year.

Goals for April are:

  • finish up all exchange projects
  • choose RR and prepare fabric/stitch my square
  • start Bluenose project for Brigitte
  • finish squirrel
  • finish sorting floss (put all new skeins in bags and label)

It will be a busy month. I just ordered some Stampin' Up stamps, so probably should do some scrapbooking/cardmaking too. Luckily Project Management finishes up on the 13th and I have a week off before Marketing, so should have some crafty time. Also looks like I'll be going to Ottawa for a few days over Easter, so should spends lots of money on crafty stuff.

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