Monday, May 28, 2007

Still here

Yup, still here. Thanks for the comments on Brigitte. Here is a recent picture of her on her way out - she's now 11 weeks old.
we're starting to get into a kind of routine. Not easy yet, but much better than before. The nursing is still rough which is what takes up the majority of my time, but improving slowly I think. And the sleeping is definitely better - she even had a 2.5 hr nap this afternoon.
I've been doing a bit of crafting in between feedings. Mostly cards, as May is a big month for birthdays plus mothers day, so that's been the priority. I also made little photo albums for both grandmothers for Mother's Day, which took time as well. But I have been stitching. Mostly in 15-20 min increments, so I'm not progressing very quickly. But I hope to have a finish very shortly to post.
Good to be back!


coonie said...

She's so cute :)

Dawn said...

She is precious!