Tuesday, May 02, 2006

April Recap

So, obviously April wasn't such a great month for stitching. Oh well, these things happen.

My goals for the month were:
finish up all exchange projects
*the ones that were due have all gone out. Still have some to stitch for June.
choose RR and prepare fabric/stitch my square
*nope. Have a theme, but nothing else
start Bluenose project for Brigitte
finish squirrel
*Not started.
finish sorting floss (put all new skeins in bags and label)
*did a bit , but far from done.

Plus I basically ignored my rotation. That's what I get for being so proud of it too :)

I'll try this for May
*Finish Kissy cross mystery square
*Start RR square
*Stitching 2 birthday cards for exchange

We'll see how I do with that!

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